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Provides basic security information for U. Provides daily end-of-day prices, quotes, volume and open interest for all the options trading on North American and European options exchanges. If our logo matches the one on the exchange but the one on the exchange is outdated, someone will need to contact the exchange to have it updated. These values will not be visible in data results until the first trade of the day. Fixings are given in both AM and PM times because the fixing closing process is conducted twice a day by telephone.

Xignite forex data powers currency converters, mobile apps and back-office systems for + customers. Connect your app today with real-time and historical foreign exchange quotes for more than countries and over 29, currencies.


Provides precious metal spot prices Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium and real-time gold coin prices. Provides basic security information for U. Municipal Bonds Fixed Income. Provides real-time last sale information last trade, open, high, low, close, volume for U. Provides real-time stock quotes information for U. Provides basic security information on more than , US Corporate Bonds.

Provides bond price and yield data for U. Provides real-time bond price and yield data for U. Provides global economic calendars of scheduled Treasury and economic events and announcements.

Provides earnings calendar and corporate event data for US and Canadian companies. Provides basic master detail for Global Corporate bonds. Provides closing prices for global currencies pairs. Available every hour starting Provides delayed futures price quotes from major global commodity exchanges. Provides daily open, high, low, close prices and trading volume of all the instruments trading on global exchanges.

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It often causes the results of studies to skew higher because only companies which were successful enough to survive until the end of the period are included. To eliminate survivorship bias, it is important to be able to access historical pricing data for companies that are delisted. Does the IPO share count number include underwriter options? This value appears prominently at the top of the official Prospectus filed with the SEC.

As this is an option typically with a 30 day expiration to be exercised , we do not include these shares in our data. There is no guarantee that this extra amount will be offered or not. If you have additional questions, please send an e-mail to support xignite. For the service XigniteCurrencies , we automatically use the "Mid" rate for all exchange rate calls. There are a variety of reasons that one may want to use Bid or Ask instead of Mid, so we elected to allow this to be a configurable setting.

If you have any other questions on Forex rates and how they are quoted, feel free to send your questions to support xignite. How are highs and lows for forex exchange rates calculated? Xignite calculates highs and lows for forex trades using the time period ranging from Highs and Lows are calculated as the highest and lowest values for the mid-rate throughout that period. Unlike equities, currencies trade 24 hours a day almost 6 days a week.

The question as to how highs and lows are calculated when there is no "official" open or close time for forex trades is therefore legitimate. Every vendor tends to use a unique approach in the calculation of highs and lows for forex trades. The important element is to ensure that the method chosen is applied consistently. How are the Official exchange rates determined? Instead, the central banks tend to calculate a static rate on a specific date, and only quote this rate for a limited list of currencies.

Central banks may not provide "reverse rates" for each other's currency. Some customers may choose to update prices every 5 minutes, while others may wish to update twice per minute. As the granularity increases, so does the number of hits.

If you have other questions on how to query for daily Metals prices, please Open a Case or send an e-mail to support xignite.

How do I retrieve an average rate from the XigniteGlobalCurrencies service? Here is a sample of the data structure in XML that highlights this new value: How does Xignite track historical price data when an identifier changes? Xignite will follow the requested identifier s or instrument s back through the historical window of time specified in each query.

If a Symbol changes, data for the former Symbol will stop at the point in time the Symbol change took effect. If you have any questions on tracking historical data back in time, please send an e-mail with details to support xignite. How may I request to update a company logo? The logos in XigniteLogos come from the listing exchange for that security. Our logo should match that provided on the exchange web site. If they do not match, please contact support xignite.

If our logo matches the one on the exchange but the one on the exchange is outdated, someone will need to contact the exchange to have it updated. Only authorized employees of the listed company can do that. Here are some instructions you can follow if you are such an employee: Once the logo is updated in the exchange, it will get automatically updated in our system.

How much historical precious metal spot price data is available in your service? Historical pricing availability varies by metal and currency: No, this is not permitted because our Services are hosted on in a virtual environment across many servers. Due to load balancing or other server shuffling activities, the IP address for an API could change at any time without notice.

You cannot rely on any IP address to remain static. If you have any issues using an Xignite API, please send an e-mail to support xignite. The "inverse" of a currency pair is not always equal to the exchange rate of the opposite pair. While the two numbers should be very close, there is no guarantee they will match exactly. While Forex markets are massive and very liquid, they are also very distributed and decentralized. Not all trades occur exactly at the same time, in the same places and with the same price discovery: Even in a very liquid market, there could be small price difference even for trades occurring sub-seconds apart.

The contributor for an exchange rates can change for any currency pair. The size of the trades on each side of the pair can also vary and affect the rates. If you still have any questions about this topic, please send an e-mail to support xignite. For more information, you can use the following link to go to the BATS website:.

The forex markets are open 24 hours a day, from Sunday 5: Updates resume on Sunday at 5: Each country also has its own trading hours. The highest activity occurs when multiple markets are open. Sydney begins at 5: Those hours can be affected by Daylight Savings Time in each country. What are the official trading times for metals?

Precious metals are traded over-the-counter OTC and therefore are not subject to any "official" trading times. The time at which precious metal spot prices are available therefore correspond to the time during which various trading desks banks, brokers, trading platforms, etc.

Since the markets are worldwide, spot precious metals are traded almost round the clock. The availability of Spot Metal Prices is Sundays 6: Unavailable Monday to Thursday 5: What are the symbols for precious metals? Metals use a symbology tied to their currency code which is itself linked to their code in the periodic table of elements.

Since metals are considered currencies. XigniteMetals APIs allow you to pull metal prices without having to use specific symbols.

Instead you can specify the metal and currency you are wanting a quote for. The fields "PreviousClose" and "PreviousCloseDate" represent the last trade price from the day before.

Around 4am each trading day i. These values will not be visible in data results until the first trade of the day. Once the first trade is executed for a security, the PreviousClose and PreviousCloseDate fields are filled in and returned with the quote.

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Xignite XigniteGlobalCurrencies API is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, offering added value to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud customers. Xignite Forex Data Now Availabl. Xignite, a leading provider of market data cloud solutions and Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that its XigniteGlobalCurrencies API is now available in . Forex API for Developers | Xignite api Scale with the cloud Our forex data is hosted in the cloud and delivers rates and reference feed to you on-demand. Forex access the data with just a few lines exchange code — no need data costly software, hardware and maintenance — and easily integrate into web, mobile or corporate apps via customized.