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However, John and Jacob has been able to cultivate a substantial customer base from upper- middle-income clients in the northeastern United States. The system will add Twitter messaging in addition to continued support for traditional e-mail. The trading system will also include trade order entry, investment analysis reports, trade confirmations, standard and customized reporting, and customer statements. Need an extra hand? The trappers drop in singly and in small bands, bringing their packs of beaver to this mountain market, not infrequently to the value of a thousand dollars each, the produce of one hunt.

John and Jacob, Inc.: Online Trading System John and Jacob, Inc. is a regional brokerage firm that has been successful over the last several years. Competition for customers is intense in this industry.

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Louis early in the spring, they cannot reach the Yellow Stone the same season; and of course the capital is left unemployed, while the expenses of the trader are untermitted. The expeditions to the Rocky mountains generally leave the Missouri at or near the Council Bluffs, and from thence the goods are transported upon horses to the places of destination.

They here supply the hunters and trappers who are found in that country. These regions abound with the beaver and otter, and the furs of these animals are almost the only articles which the traders receive.

Great sacrifices have been made in the prosecution of this trade. It is a moderate computation, that we have lost, in these abortive attempts, and in several minor ones, five hundred men, and at least five hundred thousand dollars.

In the contests for superiority in those remote regions, between foreign traders and our own, the Indians are excited to take part; and to this day an influence is exerted, and measures pursued, not less injurious to our citizens than inconsistent with our rights.

Within a year, twenty men have been killed by the same means which have heretofore been successfully employed. It is not probable that an efficient remedy can be applied, until we take military possession of the country, and establish such posts as may be found necessary - a measure equally demanded by our interest and safety.

From the review which has been taken of the course of this trade, and of the interchange of commodities between the Indians and the traders, it will not be difficult to account for the influence acquired and exerted by the latter over the former.

The traders are generally married into influential families in the Indian country, and many of their men have Indian wives. The Indians look to them for supplies which are essential to their comfort and subsistence. The trader identifies himself with the band in whose country he is located, and in all disputes he espouses their cause, partakes of their prejudices, and feels his own interest involved in theirs.

There is a source of protection on one side, and of dependence on the other. The consequence of all this is, that no important measure is adopted without the knowledge of the trader; and if his advice is not formally requested, it still influences the determination adopted at the public council fire.

And when a long established trader, who has treated the Indians justly and kindly, chooses to exert his influence for evil or for good, it may well be imagined that such exertion will not be in vain.

To this must be added the value of the investments we have stated, the wages of the men, and various contingent expenses, inseparable from such a business.

One hundred and fifty-four posts are occupied by our traders, and probably not less than two thousand men employed in the trade; and it has required many years to train them to the business, and to fit them for its duties, its risks, and its fatigues. But this subject is more important as a measure of policy affecting our relations with the Indians, than as a branch of national industry and enterprise. We have stated the mode in which the trade is carried on, and we have succinctly shown the time which has been consumed, and the loss of capital and of lives which have been incurred, in securing the positions and forming the establishments now held by our traders.

Most of our Indians are migratory tribes, roaming through the forests and prairies, and occupying a border country, divided partly by a natural and partly by an imaginary boundary between the United States and Great Britain. Along this boundary, and in many cases upon our side of it, the British traders are stationed, with ample supplies for the Indians: Should any circumstances occur to induce our traders to withdraw from the business, the Indians would be immediately supplied by the Hudson's Bay Company; and whether this were done by sending traders into our territories, or by inviting the Indians into theirs, the effect would be the same.

Our own establishments would be broken up, and we should lose the fruits of twenty years' exertions; an influence would be again acquired over the Indians, to be again exerted when most useful to one party and most injurious to the other.

The British traders have two important advantages over ours: The former enables them, in similar situations, to undersell our traders, and the latter gives them a choice of markets. It is well known that the value of furs is very fluctuating. Accidental circumstances, such as a war in Europe, or a change in some prevailing fashion, will raise the price of particular furs; and these prices will decline as rapidly as they rise.

The uncertainty in the state of the market constitutes one of the principal inconveniences of the trade. The supply is, from its own nature, uncertain, and the demand not less so. It has happened in the history of this trade, that shipments have been made to England, which have been sold there at such a sacrifice as to leave some of the charges unpaid, and to sink the whole capital embarked.

The Indians are peculiar in their habits; and, contrary to the opinion generally entertained, they are good judges of the articles which are offered to them. The trade is not that system of fraud which many suppose. Should he use a questionnaire? How can Edward ensure that the information about requirements is complete, yet not lose too much time doing so?

Concerning customer input for the new system, how can Edward involve customers in the process? How can he interest them in participating?

As Edward considers what other stakeholders he should include, what are some criteria he should use? Develop some guidelines to help him build a list of people to include. Project - Case Study. Tutor Rating pallavi Chat Now! Quality of answers to Questions 1—3. Writing style, organization, spelling, and grammar. Due By Pacific Time. Edward wonders how to involve John and Jacob customers in the development of system requirements. Edward is sensitive to this issue because many brokers have told him that their customers are unhappy with the current system, and customer complaints are sometimes posted to the public comments area of the current Web site.

He would like to involve customers, but he does not know how. Edward knows he should involve other stakeholders to help define system requirements. He is not quite sure whom he should contact. Should he go to senior executives? Should he contact middle management? Should he include such back-office functions as accounting and investing? He is not quite sure how to get organized or how to decide who should be involved.

What is the best method for Edward to involve the brokers users in the development of the updated online trading system? Should he use a questionnaire? How can E dward ensure that the information about requirements is complete, yet not lose too much time doing so?

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Week 3 Case Study: John & Jacob, Inc., Online Trading System” Alison Richards MGMTIN_F Human Resource Management November 10, 1. In terms of utilizing the best methods where Edward is able to involve the brokers (users) in the development of the new online trading system he should require two of the brokers to stand as . John and Jacob, Inc.: Online Trading System. John and Jacob, Inc., is a regional brokerage firm that has been successful over the last several years. Answer to Read the Case Study on the John & Jacob, Inc., Online Trading System and assist with writing a one paragraph response to each question. JOHN.