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Wasfi Kilani, a senior member of the newly established Jordanian Al-Aqsa crisis management unit, denied Israeli reports that the problems are the result of neglect by the Islamic Waqf.

Kilani told Arab News that Israel is denying the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem the right to fix about 18 locations that include cracks in the wall due to water leakage and other natural causes. Jordan is the recognized custodian of the site, which is administered by the Jordanian Waqf. The number of engineers, guards, tourism experts and museum workers on Jordanian government payroll has grown to 1, A Jordanian government spokeswoman, Jumana Ghunaimat, said on Thursday that Jordan objected to Israel taking the huge stone away.

The boulder should be properly replaced and cemented in its former position, she said. Al-Buraq wall, which Israel calls the western wall, has been the source of controversy for years. In March , Jordan and Palestine signed an agreement giving Jordan responsibility for defending and administrating holy sites in Jerusalem. Ofer Zalzberg, a senior analyst with the International Crisis Group, said that the fundamental issue was who had authority to conduct repairs.

As pickup trucks loaded with fighters of the joint Kurdish-Arab force skid along snaking dirt roads, coalition forces have been firing rounds of mortar fire and rockets at Daesh positions.

The SDF has been closing in on the pocket for months and it officially launched its offensive on Monday. Heavy clashes have since killed 46 terrorists and 15 SDF fighters, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group. The group once held nearly all of Deir Ezzor, but separate offensives last year by the SDF and regime forces left the terrorists with a just small besieged pocket near the Iraqi border.

Like in other battles that the SDF has waged against Daesh, booby traps and mines planted by the jihadists pose the biggest challenge. As artillery fire pounded Daesh positions, yellow military bulldozers worked to clear roads for fighters. You are here Home Cracks show as rolling stone sets up Jerusalem showdown. People look on as a crane lifts a stone that fell from Jerusalem's Western Wall on July 25, During the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the Palestinians who lived in West Jerusalem were either expelled to East Jerusalem or the West Bank or left the country.

While Israel allowed thousands of Jews to move into settlements in East Jerusalem, not a single Palestinian has been allowed to return to their home in West Jerusalem. The neighbourhoods and homes of West Jerusalem that remained intact during still bear Arabic inscriptions, testifying to their original owners.

Out of 21 stops, the Jerusalem light rail serves only two Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem. To religious Jews, the war and the occupation of the remainder of historical Palestine - particularly the Old City - led to a sense of euphoria.

That year, Israel demolished the entire year-old Moroccan Quarter neighbourhood and expelled its residents to create this wide open space adjacent to the Western Wall. In a rare move, on February , church leaders shut the doors to the church for three consecutive days in protest against what they described as discriminatory Israeli policies aimed at weakening Christian presence in Jerusalem. Al Aqsa Mosque Compound 6.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Divided Jerusalem Al Jazeera takes you through a brief tour of East Jerusalem - with a mostly Palestinian population - and West Jerusalem, which is entirely Jewish, to highlight the disparity in infrastructure and quality of life for Israelis and Palestinians. But Israel deliberately avoids investing in infrastructure and services in East Jerusalem.

West Jerusalem has 27 municipality-run family health centres; East Jerusalem has six. There was no regulated Palestinian public transport system in East Jerusalem until West Jerusalem has a central bus station complete with an indoor mall and security checks. In East Jerusalem, three open-air bus depots constitute the only central bus station.

Transportation remains highly segregated for Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem.

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