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Dec 2, , For the fact it took them over one month for desputes to look into this and then advise mastercard, just shows they were in on hurry to get this matter sorted. This is the midrate. All hotels in Australia Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort. I am guessing there are more out there in the same boat as us!

Sep 04,  · The OzForex Travel Card offers some of the most competitive foreign exchange rates with one of the lowest forex margins in the market Important Information The OzForex Travel Card will no longer be available for applications as this card is no longer available to new customers.

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OzForex Travel Card Review - BEWARE Rip Off Rates 27 Apr. , am I am taking an overseas trip shortly and I applied for an Ozforex travel pre-paid master card. Foreign exchange and travel cards – a review of personalbank.cf Market leading foreign exchange rates and 24 hour customer service, what’s not to like? OFX is one of Australia’s leading providers of foreign exchange services - it’s their bread and butter. If you are using a bank to transfer money, you should know that they can often charge large margins on your transfers, in addition to a flat transaction fee. At OFX, we offer bank beating exchange rates and have waived our OFX transfer fee for some transfers. # So make the smart move and save on your global money transfers with OFX.