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Then you never know when intraday reversals will kick in and upset everything. Saturday , September 15th. The AIM-listed broker has announced that they have been granted the license to operate their business from Singapore. Traders want to react immediately to news events and market updates, so brokers provide the tools for clients to trade wherever they are. As of right now, the currency pair is at a seven month high, and there is an indication of it moving higher. Some brokers offer all three types, while others offer two, and there are those that offer only one variety.

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Though many savvy traders may trade these range bound pairs, but they also want to hedge their bets on a trending market which offer better prospects. The US dollar has finally started to rise after having successfully broken out of consolidation. The move has in part been driven by the FOMC outlook which has called for further rate hikes in which tends to overshadow the robust forecast by the Bank of India.

As of right now, the currency pair is at a seven month high, and there is an indication of it moving higher. All indicators point to a bullish position and suggest a higher price once the Most experts place the pair at This uptrend is also driven by the expectation prices will be pushed further up by the Bank of England with inflation data being weak and sketchy from Geneva at best.

So, the combination of runaway inflation in the UK and a further risky attitude will perhaps drive the currency pair prices higher in the short term. Resistance is pegged at 1. Anything breaking above 1. The Canadian dollar looks to have gained momentum against the Swiss Franc.

Currently, it is trading below the 0. The indicators are clearly bullish and so higher prices seem inevitable, but overall momentum is fading. Though expect that the bullish outlook will lead to higher prices. Once it breaks 0. And according to many, there is a lot of potential remaining.

Dropbox will soon be battling for supremacy against heavyweights like Microsoft and Google. Plus many will willingly shift to a newer and cheaper provider when that opportunity arrives. Furthermore, Dropbox has not turned a profit for many years. Wallstreet traders and day traders alike have mixed views about the CFD and its future.

Many traders are positive that it will rise again. As a trader, this is an exciting move since Spotify is estimated to become much bigger in coming months. Spotify is a broadcast, music, and video streaming service making it possible to access all the content you want online without having to download or buy it.

Though users are charged a subscription fee. However, only time will tell which way this IPO swings. Though it does offer traders an excellent opportunity to invest in a solid tech company. The prices of once exponentially exploding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen a sharp decline since late , but which has continued through early So, naturally, brokers are hesitant to offer traders a short except for IQ Option. The sharp decline can mainly be attributed to the bans instigated by major cryptocurrency markets like in China and Korea.

These have not just stemmed the flow of cryptocurrency in general but also spooked investors and consequently triggered mass selling. In China, authorities have taken major steps to stamp out the use of cryptocurrency trading and related services including advertising.

That was one of the significant blows to the market, which was preceded by the banning of ICOs in It goes without saying that both Korea and China have long been major markets for cryptocurrency trading and mining. Hence the curtailment has had a tremendously adverse effect on prices in general.

In the United Kingdom, many high street banks like Lloyds have banned the use of cryptocurrency based credit card purchases. In addition to the bans and restrictions enforced in almost all major countries those participating in the global cryptocurrency markets have been running to cash out before its too late.

This is driven in part by mostly panic, brought on by the assumption that there is an ongoing downturn. Though some traders have admittedly been selling to make a profit. With the recent slump in cryptocurrency prices, many people are looking for a way to turn this crash into a source of profits.

It goes without saying that the cryptocurrency market was overstated throughout the year Stabilization of cryptocurrency values is imperative to its widespread adoption in the future. It is a known fact that speculative traders will benefit from falling prices by shorting the currency.

So, the more they fall, the more money traders make by shorting. Though as it currently stands only IQ Option is offering shorting for cryptocurrencies. IQ Option is the only broker whose giving investors the chance to short using CFDs contracts of difference. At the moment we are not alone in speculating that there are many wild swings ahead in the cryptocurrency market. So, investors have an excellent chance to make money from these swings in either direction. Some of the top dogs in the cryptocurrency ranking range in the literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars in value.

However, so does the number of cryptocurrencies that according to some estimates happen to be up to different types. Though by all estimates the vast majority of people have no idea what cryptocurrencies are, how they work and what use they have.

Just a fraction of the people know of only one cryptocurrency, i. It is really a shame that with so many cryptocurrencies and the way they are revolutionizing commerce not many people know about it. Also, Bitcoin is just one of the many cryptocurrencies albeit the biggest one too but not necessarily the best. Ethereum is one of the newer types of cryptocurrencies which mainly simplifies the mining or creation.

Plus, it speeds up order processing and addresses issues like limits, growth figures, etc. These features help ethereum distinguish itself from other currencies. Ethereum like Bitcoin is also based on blockchain technology which is a fancy term used for a decentralized database which is encrypted hence preventing unauthorized access and tampering.

Smart contracts are used to for the smooth processing of exchange, or it can also be used to handle decentralized tasks like running programming code across a network which prevents data manipulation.

Ethereum is by definition and in the real sense a virtual currency because the blockchain is usable in other aspects of the computer network. The official ethereum website has a lot of information about the currency and how it works. Plus, it offers basic yet updated statics about it like its mining process, rewards, quantity and value. Perhaps one of the biggest advantage of using ethereum is the fact that it has a well-designed system which has also been responsible for the formation of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Ethereum is a well respected and trusted cryptocurrency in the community and one of the reasons why it kicked off to such a great start.

As a matter of fact, some estimate that the currency is so well designed that it could easily overtake bitcoin in the next few years. However, already is the second most valuable cryptocurrency. One of the other reasons for the ethereum boom and its continuing success is its use by major ICOs.

Ethereum is like any other cryptocurrency, and so it is subject to the same market conditions as many others out there, not to mention the regulation and rules. In addition to technically analyzing etherium you also need to consider the EEA which stands for Member Statements on Ethereum and the addition of new members. All of which contributes to significant price volatility.

Unlike Monero and Bitcoin ethereum is not an anonymous currency. That means you need to constantly keep yourself updated with the latest developments by Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin. What they have to say and do, will and does impact the price of this currency. Unless your intention is to use ethereum to purchase services and goods, it can also be traded like Forex or via cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most if not all brokers will show the current ethereum exchange rate with a corresponding US dollar value. If you have a solid trading strategy, then that will work perfectly with ethereum. Though you may want to go through the historical data before making any trading speculation.

Ethereum can also be traded as binary options like other currencies. In addition to that, one can of course analyze the ever increasing highs and lows as well as the increasing moving averages associated with the asset price to confirm the general trend which in this case would be an uptrend. In a hypothetical scenario, the entry signal can be the actual announcement.

The trader may also wait to see what sort of effect the announcement has, entering shortly afterward. The expiry time can be anything from 1 hour to a day. Two options can in fact be bought: This way, regardless of whether the swing happens upward or downward, as long as the price ends up outside of the range, the trade is a winner. This method is called trading on volatility, because that is indeed exactly what it does.

Often, economic news will create volatility in an asset-price, which will later settle. Such asset-price rebounds can obviously be exploited through binary options as well. Yes i know your thinking. Improve Your Trading Skills - Don't miss our new posts! Trading Forex, Binary Options - high level of risk. Please remember these are volatile instruments and there is a high risk of losing your initial investment on each individual transaction.

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Binary Options Academy Welcome to Binary Tribune's Binary Options Academy. In this guide one may discover a different view of the global markets. Binary Options are instruments, that ideally fit the preferences of a thin-budgeted trader. May 26,  · Binary option traders can adopt similar strategies too and they too can be successful at news trading. The first step (although this isn’t an actual part of binary option news trading strategy), is to find a tool that will help /5(7). Binary options brokers offer different types of financial products, starting with currency pairs like in the Forex market and ending up with individual stocks, gold, oil, other commodities, indices like S&P and Djia in the United States, and so on.