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First of all they have banned me from having an account with them with no explanation. I always lose connection. Yes, you read well: GFT Forex accepts everything from credit cards to paper checks. However, after opening an account with them, and making my first long term trade, i noticed something of major concern. For the following reasons: Forex Brokers Forex brokers rating.

Dec 14,  · Searching for a Forex broker with impressive trading features? Read our DailyForex review of GFT and decide if this is the broker for you.4/4.

2010/11 GFT Forex Reviews

Your capital is at risk. The Alternative - Social Trading: Just copy successful traders with a click of a button and profit. Your email address will not be published. Avoid being scammed now and get started here! Leveraged products, your capital is at risk. How reliable is GFT Forex? You have to be aware of this otherwise you will call this broker a scam instantly. GFT has a great software, quick execution and a good support. Very bad costumer service, no doubt about that! I really like the GFT software, the indicators are great.

The usability of the software is really bad. I always lose connection. Automatic trading is ok but not the dealing desk. Around news time, however, all bets are off. The volatility of the market can throw the spreads into chaos.

Trades can be executed as market, stop, limit, and trailing stop. For that he will be offered a completely customizable dashboard and leverage amounts as high as 1: There is a Quick Deal chart with big colorful blocks of crosses that can be used to view or make quick trades.

Impressively, with a few right and left clicks, the user can also trade off of any technical chart. Additional deposits are simple to make. Withdrawals, too, may be made online, but these Web pages were not functional at the time of this review. GFT Forex accepts everything from credit cards to paper checks. A small pass-along fee is charged when using PayPal. Withdrawals are executed within a few days. Finally, some neat options are available on the DealBook that are not found on other platforms.

These include a voice-recognition feature and something called ITX Inter Trader eXchange , which allows clients to trade with each other. GFT is not for the faint of heart. It is for the trader who is serious about Forex and wants to become more adept at playing the market. There have been some grumblings from GFT clients about slippage, especially at trading time, but, overall, GFT Forex has a strong following and a sterling reputation.

This is my second visit to your weblog. Having explained the whole situiation, he seemed to be confused between a 0. He said, the difference wasnt that great, infact for someone like me who trades numbers all day long, the difference was huge, which i carefully explained to him, and he said he will get back to me. Same day, another customer rep called me, and started explaning me the charges.

Now as it happens, one customer rep who i spoke with 5 times prior to opening my account, had provided slightly wrong information to me, which again i explained to the the guy on the phone. He then takes me to website with the terms and conditions, and starts talking to me, in a way like im a 2 year old kid, and tries to be dominant by raising his voice as i try and put a few words to explain my point of view. Conclusion was, he would get back to me too regarding the issue.

Ladies and Gentlmen, like i said, trading is all about the odds being in your favour. There are great platforms out there that dont charge an admin fee to roll your account to the next business day. But dont be put off, if you are a short term trader, I request you to do your due diligence, speak to the customer rep, ensure you read the fine prints of the terms and conditions, and you might be okay.

Even my margin was gone. The sales agents will go all out of there way to get you to them but after that I still haven't figured out where they get their prices from, either. They have fantasy data feeds, too.

There is nothing more disheartening than to watch a trade move in your favor, and have the prices not even come close to your premium data service prices and, that's in addition to the spread. Maybe I could understand this during a heavy news event, but then, they still wouldn't be a very good broker, now would they? Have been trading with them for more than2 years and have had slippages of less than 10 all the time - Today 36 pips.

I don't like the way they combine your trades if you place more then one trade at a time with one pair, then give you and average price. When you trade at news time the platform does not freeze, they just don't fill at the price you clicked on they requote you at a better price for them. Confusing interface and not user friendly unless you use it for many months.

Poor customer service and lots of requotes and slippage. Basically poor execution after first 2 months. Execution can be slow at busy times. Client support top notch. My complaints with GFT is with the timely accounting of transactions and means that info can be accessed quickly. Also do not like the fact that the GFT's DealBook FX platform does not allow the user to assign the local time displayed on both charts and reports.

There is a lot of confusion in communicating with them about when something occurred. I am giving them an 8, but if the two complaints were effectively addressed I would give them a My biggest complaint about GFT was that they couldn't articulate how I could get my money if they became insolvent. I try many service and they are best. But no backtesting and no auto trading. Top Traders on Twitter.

Subscribe to receive free offers and new features - Read Latest Newsletter Email:. Choose from a multitude of forex traders. Open a free demo or live account with a featured forex broker. Copy the trades of expert traders automatically on your own account. If you have an account with them and are using their MT4, they will steel you blind with their account sync. GFTforex is the worst broker that i have seen.

I am very disappointed with GFT. Have been with GFT for 6 months now and have nothing but complimenets with regards the software, customer service and accuracy of trade filling. I made the identical trades with three different brokers at the same time. The other two made money, GFT took my money. I hate the miserable day I met these people! I have trade with GFT for 18 months the problem is u CAN NOT close your trades when you wont delay is from 2 to 10 sec sometimes and when I wont to close my acc they say 3 working days took them 9 so be careful people.

I've been with GFT for 8 months and lost about 60k. I am going to be honest with my review. Deal book worsy platform u will end up using mt4 demo for chart the bad thing is there is a price differencial they close wining trade if u leave it for too long same as losing trade virtual trader or dealer against u.

After bad experiences with other companies it was refreshing to speak with a professional salesperson who knew what he was talking about- and although I could tell that he wanted my business as he should I got the impression that I could always get a straight answer. Have been trading with GFT for a few months now. They have one of the best customer service around. I agree with most of the usual complaints - convoluted and complicated statements, rollover charges, can't get orders through in fast changing markets - dealing desk competition.

Poor customer service, hard to get money in and out. Customer service was not good at all. Did steal 5 figure account, totally. Fair spreads but I swear they control the spreads - I always seem to get squeezed when close to a stop order. Get this - I registered for a GFT seminar on building a trading strategy. I was with them. I'm in the forex market to make money not play with a fancy platform and charts They are bucker shop brokers. Hugh platform, extention length in algorithm charting unmistakably the best for carry trader's!

Impossible to make money with a mini account - even when you win - you lose - with all of the hidden charges and fees. For anyone who uses gft and makes money they will play games with you. After careful consideration I have decided to not advise anyone to open a live account with GFT. By far the best trading platform for forex out there. Having traded with FXCM for almost three years, I was looking at other platforms in the market that might just be appealing to me.

Once your deposit is done-you totally not appreciated. Impressive, fast customer support, professional, I like the software, but the reporting needs improvement.

I have just had a 36 pip slippage with GFT. Not happy with the way the statement is very hard to understand. Reliable candlesticks and good indicators. GFT has great charts but again uses a dealing desk that can potentially trade against you without your knowledge.

GFT is a lot of hype and they do try hard to be the best, but I can't have multiple trade windows open for multi-order execution, as my trading method requires. CMS and GFT are the best for me, the two mentioned have an excellent platform, with charts, and the customer attention is good too.

GFT also have a good package, execution is little bit slow, but for limit orders guaranteed execution. Love the Platform, top notch. GFT has a Great platform, good fills, desk is helpful.


GFT Forex Review: GFT is a well established US broker, regulated by NFA and CFTC. But are its spreads tight enough to be beaten? Find out here! Reviews and ratings of GFT Forex, a forex trading broker rated and reviewed by forex traders. has taken over this company.. Other websites of this company include and NOTE: After several messages to GFT about changes to profit/loss levels after trades were closed, we got an answer/5().