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What happens in reality is they have regurgitated an existing treading strategy. Sep 14, at 2: No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Democrats send 'information' concerning Kavanaugh nomination to FBI. What's your day trading experience? Prop Firms in California. This course is perfect if transitioning from a job into business and you want to create more time for yourself to do the things you are passionate about.

ระบบเทรดรายวัน ที่เหมาะสมกับตลาด Forex โดยเฉพาะ (คลิกเพื่ออ่านรายละเอียด) ELITE LEVEL.

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Sep 14, at 3: Prop Firms in California. Sep 14, at 2: Sep 14, at 1: Next review of Bitcoin in volume levels. Introduction to the TT Platform. Sep 14, at 8: Expert advidor - The Money Reaper. Formula to calculate the feeling in the intraday. Trading the Pristine Method. Threads with Recent Posts. The End of an Era: Last 30 hrs before price increase on CryptoMaster data tool and free Webinar. Events A forum for Elite Trader Sponsors to announce upcoming live events. Trading A general forum for topics related to day trading and short-term investing that don't fit well into one of our more specific forums.

What's your day trading experience? Journals This is where you keep yourself publicly accountable by maintaining a daily journal of wins, losses, personal thoughts and anything else related to your quest of becoming a better trader. Diary of an LSE stock trader. Day trading derivatives futures.

Economics Open discussion on the global economy and the impact of recent economic news on the financial markets. Trump readying another billion in Chinese tariffs. Hook Up Connect with local traders in your area, organize in-person meetings, post info about upcoming live events, trade shows, etc.

Los Angeles area Meetup. Anyone in Miami trade anything other than BitCoins? Day trader looking for others. Classifieds Buy, sell or trade used software, training programs, computers, office furniture, etc.

Or if you're looking for something specific, post it. For individual traders only. T3 Live Courses Available for a small donation. Stocks Found the next hot stock? How about a ripe shorting opportunity? Here's where you can post your thoughts on specific listed companies. Options If you have questions, comments, or expertise related to options trading, this is the place for you.

About ES Options Again. Exit this condor with 9 DTE? ETFs The place for traders of exchange-traded funds. Direct access trading for free. What is Roll over in ES Futs and how to do it? Commodity Futures For traders of futures contracts based upon oil, gas, electricity, precious metals, and agricultural products. Copper - Tariff affect? How to categorise risks in the Oil market? Financial Futures Discuss futures like those based upon short term interest rates, bonds, currencies, etc.

Free algorithmic trading apps? Does anyone trade the ZN? Forex Interact with others who trade currencies in the foreign exchange market. What are your top 7 problems as a Forex trader? Order Execution A round table on order types and routes, dealing with Market Makers and Specialists, and other issues related to executing trades through an exchange or ECN. Anyone here bought my shares of BCOR after hours 2 days ago?

Oscillating stock automated trading formula? Algo and Automated Systems Trading Webinar. Technical Analysis TA junkies, this is your forum for talking about technical indicators and chart patterns. How do you trade using multiple time-frames? Is Market timing essential and possible for succesful trading? Removing the golden handcuffs. An Amibroker formula glitch Protecting Multicharts Code, best ways? Strategy Development Power Point.

Good software to backtest intraday stock strategies, other than Tradestation. Risk Management Topics include portfolio diversification, position sizing, scaling, expectancy, etc. What risk management mistakes did this top Norway trader make to blow up his account? What is Your Favorite "Safe" Investment: CDs, Online Savings, etc Averaging IN not Averaging Down.

Psychology Discuss the psychological aspects of trading such as fear, greed, discipline, emotional control, etc. How do I overcome trading procrastination. The unraveling of a billionaire's mind. Retail Brokers A forum for exchanging information on direct-access firms that cater to retail traders. Prop Firms Talk about proprietary trading firms that allow you to trade with the firm's capital and split the net profits.

Earn 2 Trade the gauntlet. Forex Optimum - review. FXOpen warns of a new scam targeting their clients. Tools of the Trade. Trading Software Talk about trading platforms and other front-end trading apps for desktops, tablets and phones. Trading from work PC. Amibroker doesnt return the result of the Buy and Hold comparisson.

Help with Excel array in Index. Is there any platform that allows for daily loss limits and restricting certain tickers? SP historical market breadth data. Backup and Security Protect your trading PC and mobile devices!

Discuss backup and recovery strategies as well as security issues like firewalls, anti-virus software, spyware, etc. Let's talk about your trading security setup. Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade. Help to re-size browser. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, signals, or indicators presented on this website will be profitable or that they will not result in losses.

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This is not a solicitation of any order to buy or sell. All results are believed to be correct but one should always do their own research before trading any strategy. Specialist Trading and www.

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