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My biggest problem is lack of patience. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. It may be boring, but have you gone through your brokers platform tutorial videos? I chop and change from one approach to another — from indicators to price action, from daily to intraday timescales and from forex to stocks. Spot a set up and start planning your trade. Look to make a consistent percentage return and do not get concerned about the actual monetary return.

I am a novice trader who have had more downs than ups in forex trading but with the firm interest to continue. My question is as follows- – I use the multiple time frame for my operations, that is, daily, one hour and 15 minutes time frames.

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It takes a specific kind of individual with certain must-have traits in order to succeed on this battlefield. Of course, this is not to discourage those who are looking to pursue trading as a full-time career, as some believe that these traits can be developed.

Bear in mind that there will be losing days and there will be instances when the markets barely move, so the profit potential is not always guaranteed.

Anyone who has made the transition into full-time forex trading has already built up confidence in their trading system and their ability to execute it effectively. They know their rules, they understand the black and white situations in the market, and they have embraced the ever-changing nature of the market. Once you have got to this point though, it can be difficult to figure out what the next step should be.

Is it studying more charts, more setups, and more indicators? While spending time in those areas can still be useful, the number one thing that a full-time trader can do is focus on improving their mental edge. The way we think and our ability to be disciplined yet mentally open and adaptable to different market conditions is what trading success is all about. Many people are highly attracted to forex trading — looking to escape their need to work a day job.

Your email address will not be published. If the answer is yes, this video is for you. Got some really exciting news to share with you. Living the dream and becoming a full time Forex trader. Would you like to live the dream? Would you like to work from home and work from anywhere, quit your job, become a full-time Forex trader? Because that's what most people who get into Forex want, don't you?

That's what most people really aim for. And it can be done. Now, I know it can be done because I've had many clients do that, but just this week I've interviewed another client who has taken that step to becoming a full-time Forex trader.

He's quit his job, his name is Imre Gams, he lives in Toronto in Canada, a real, nice, smart, intelligent, young man. He's worked for Google, he's worked for Apple, so he's right up there with being a very smart guy. Client becomes a full time Forex trader after seeking a mentor. He took my course back in August of , some eight months ago, and I interviewed him, and I asked him what the process was that he went through.

He's been through Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he's been a fencer, as in the sport fencing, he's done many things in his life that he's always sought a mentor for, because he's seen it as a shortcut to success with a good mentor. So, he did some reviews, he found my course a while ago, joined last August and basically has been very thorough with everything he's done. You can hear the interview. It's on my homepage.

I'll put a link below this video. It's 38 minutes long. It is highly, highly recommended if you watch the entire thing. There is so much you can learn from that video, even if you just want passive income from Forex, but just watch the entire video.

Take your time, grab a coffee or a cup of tea or something and sit and watch the whole thing. A lot of dedication and back testing to prove the system to himself. Imre started back in August , went through the course, he's been dedicated, he's asked questions, et cetera, like a lot of people.

But he's done extensive backtesting on the course, he had huge confidence after doing extensive backtesting, and then a few months ago he decided to quit his job and go live. Now, a few weeks ago he started sending me emails of some of the money withdrawals he's taken from his account, from his live trading. Very, very, very impressive figures. Not going to reveal how much. That's private information for him.

But it's well into the six figures that he's withdrawn just this last quarter. He is spending more time with his continued learning, his self-development, his self-education. His whole knowledge-base is constantly growing, and he puts time and dedication into that.

He's spending a lot of time each day with backtesting, looking at different ways of trading my strategy, different timeframes, et cetera, so he's constantly learning, constantly evolving, but actual trading no more than one hour per day.

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Every trader dreams of quitting their job for full time forex trading. Do you think you have what it takes to earn an income from full time forex trading? Oct 24,  · You see i am a full-time trader in a sence that i do forex full time. But I'm still in demo training and am living with relatives; So im not making any money yet. Post # 3. Now it is time to answer the question that How Does It Feel to Be a Professional Full Time trader? You choose to become a trader. You learn, practice and you finally become a professional and full time trader the way I explained above. no matter through forex trading or any other business. Currently I am just trying to learn what forex is.