Currency Strength Meter – Real Time, Accurate Trade Entries

Onyebuchim, unfortunately, we do not have this available at this time. I just downloaded your new CSM 3. Lovely piece and highly recommended for all traders. Next, when i run the CSM v3. This currency strength indicator leverages the fact that currency pairs are made up of two individual currencies.

Trade forex using a currency strength chart with dependable data and professional features. This is the best currency strength tool available.

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Currency Strength Meter Advantages

Currency Strength Trading Strategies Two currency strength trading strategies are possible. Understanding the condition of the total market across various individual currencies is one, and the second strategy is using currency strength for entering trades, with live currency strength tools like the heatmap. Apr 12,  · With Advanced Currency Meter, you can easily ascertain the strength of a trend even if you are a novice. When ever a currency pair is trending, an arrow is displayed to indicate the trend direction. When ever a currency is in a range, the arrow is deleted to indicate that there is no direction/5(16). A Forex currency meter looks at all the common currency pairs and evaluates the strength/weakness level for each individual major currency, in real time. It takes into account both the base and quote currencies.