A rather aggressive BB setup but given that strong down move it was ok to take this trade. Is my understanding correct that "the first bar in a substantial pullback that gets taken out in the direction of the trend" from page 61 means price should break at least 2 pip from the low or high of previous bar? After a false break of the 20EMA, the bulls manage to bring prices within 3 pip of the 1. I moved my tipping point up when prices dipped inside the IRB setup and shot back up. After being slammed down yet again 6 , the bulls pushed their way through that heavy resistance green line , perhaps surprising the bears. Jul 22, , 5: The fundamental ideas presented are good and important, while the names he applies to the setups, and the specific timeframe he chose to trade, I believe are irrelevant.

Dec 11,  · I recently picked up the book: "Forex Price Action Scalping: an in-depth look into the field of professional scalping" by Bob Volman. I'm curious - is there anyone out there using his approach with success (or without success)?Reviews:

Bob Volman Price Action Scalping

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Jul 17,  · Bob Volman Price Action Scalping This is a discussion on Bob Volman Price Action Scalping within the Forex forums, part of the Markets category; Hi Guys, I'm starting a new thread here to post trades using the method of Bob Volman. Bob Volman () is an independent trader working solely for his own account. A price action scalper for many years, he was asked to bundle all his knowledge and craftsmanship into an all-inclusive guide on intraday tactics.4/5(67). May 28,  · This is a standard live trade that I made using the Forex price action scalping method taught by Bob Volman. If you have not read his book you should if you want to learn how to scalp the Forex Author: ALLEN BARY.