9 profitable intraday trading strategies (that you can use right now)

I have traded with both approaches and I find Trend following more comfortable. Once you progress in your trading career, you will want to look to methods using price action that are more subjective but being able to apply techniques specific to the security you are trading will increase your winning percentages over time. Whatever market you are into, chances are, Pro Services have a forecast for you. You can access Heikin-Ashi indicator on every charting tool these days. This forex day trading strategy is very popular among traders for that particular reason. We will hold the position until we get the opposite signal from one of the two indicators or a divergence on the chart. Sometimes beginner traders start to gain confidence and then venture outside the strategy that works the best.

Nothing is best as all strategies don’t works for all. If an investor doing best with a strategy, it’s not assure that another one will do too. If you don’t have any strategies and experience, consider not trading yourself and find a managed trading account platform to execute your trades.

10 Basic Day Trading Tips

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The RSI indicator is a cruel mistress!

Best strategy for any Index would fall under two categories. Trend Following - Means scalping the side which is trending, if you see the market/index going up you scalp the Call Option Strikes, likewise if the market is downward trending you can scalp the Put options. Whatever it is, it’s always best to try it out for a while on a trading simulator. Quantpedia. If you are interested in more news and event-driven strategies you may want to check out Quantpedia which has a database of over quantitative trading strategies for stocks, currencies and futures. There are strategies based on events as well as longer-term . RSI indicator trading strategy – 5 systems. and the back test results! Digging into the quintessential overbought oversold indicator!. The RSI indicator is a cruel mistress!