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Its hard to find good a good spot in the que closer to kick off and there's a lot of waiting involved compared to racing markets. The main part of this pack is a 92 page guide with 23 different pre kick off football trading strategies! Lay HT Score. If your pre match strategy requires goals to be scored then you are going to be vulnerable if it is a low scoring match. I am confident it will go that way but, bare in mind that 1 out 5 football match odds predictions go to the opposite way. My match odds trading has really improved which was my main aim […].

Strategies. The main part of this pack is a 92 page guide with 23 different pre kick off football trading strategies! Each of the strategies is explained in terms of reasoning, potential dangers, profit targets and trading time zone.

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Pre match trading is when we look to enter and exit a trade before the start of a football match. This is also a popular strategy when trading horses and is known as pre race trading in . One of your Betfair football trading strategies should be to trade football odds pre-game. Although odds don’t usually move that much before the kick-off compared to fluctuations during live betting, there are still football games that attract a lot of attention due to their odds trading range. In order to make money in Betfair trading, [ ]. Learn to bet and trade football markets. Guides, systems and strategies for Pre Kick Off Trading, In-play Trading, Correct Score Trading and Football Betting.