50 Best Small Business ideas for Small Towns That Thrive 2018

Dogs breeding business is yet another profitable business that an aspiring entrepreneur can successfully start in a small town. Go back through your recent trades in your journal and compare all your trades which make up the period of the draw down period. Which brings me to my last point — trading Forex or any other financial market is a career. Thanks for being my Forex guide to success. Then they get fed up finally and try to overcome their fear, and so they take the wrong directions before doing a proper market analysis and finding the good signals. Thanks to the Internet, it has become possible to create strong sources of income and then increase your wealth through the investments like currency and stock trading.

Aug 06,  · Forex is a business of cool minded. Don't dont be angry with Forex. If you do this Forex market will also become angry with you.

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You need to be patience and discipline to earn in Forex Trading. In forex trading, we do require a cold mind when trading because the mind is cold it will allow us to trade with the maximum and therefore, we need to be able to manage our cold mind with good and prevent trading greed.

You are absolutely right, you cannot do any business with angry mind, it will ruin your business and will even affect your reputation. We should be relaxed when making money in forex, therefore we can always try to have a cold mind when trading.

Yeah, Of course, you need to be of sound mind, and also you need to be calm for trading with Forex. Anger could harm any business and we should remain calm throughout, in order to make some good income through Forex Trading. This is valuable lesson for me to change my, attitude and finally character when I make a position in forex trading. I agree with you protecting capital more important than big profit.

I must trade with cool blood. All of a sudden you begin to view the market from an objective lens rather than hoping and wishing for it to move in your favor. This allows you to act decisively without the emotional strings that are all too common in this business. Thank you for your goal settings articles. I am also setting my trading goal e. Does this sound reasonable? By doing this, you allow the profit to become a byproduct of the process rather than forcing trades to meet a goal.

Thank you so much justin. All your saying is so truee. I have been trading forex for 2 years and got nothing but loss money. The goals and the idea of wanting to get quick and easily money is one of many factors that makes me lose more.

I keep learning forex and save my capital until im ready! Thanks for the article. Very informative and challenging since most of us focus on the results and not the process! Pleased to hear you enjoyed the article. This post should help with that https: I need to take Trading to the next level. I am pre-funded now with 1k. Im doing ok, but still take way too many losses. My expectancy is always negative even though I have more winning trades than loosing trades After reading this post, I need to make some changes.

I do this full time, and think I am on the right track, but I need to become profitable on a regular basis asap. Thank you for all you do to help. I am very grateful for the basic guideline that is so true of you, and would I apply to my trading future, may God bless you always, again I thank you mr. I am so inspired by this article. It has helped me to develop new perspective to the way i view my trades. Training myself to get up every day early and scan for 3 to 8 pairs before i step out of my trading room has built my confidence over time.

Thanks for being my Forex guide to success. A solid routine is an excellent way to develop discipline and confidence for sure. Hi first of all, i have to appreciate for your valuable information and sharing freely Most part of them to those who really anxious and concern for their future and business in this unpredictable Business. Also, I use and teach a lot more than just pin bars. With that said, you could make a living solely on pin bars.

But like everything we do it takes patience, discipline and years of practice. Am very gratefull for this wonderfull article you posted, bcos is like u speak my mind this afternoon thanks alot. If there is anyway u can still advice me on this pls winning to hear from you. Hi Kehinde, that sounds like a solid approach. You could also try to implement a pyramid strategy for the trades that move in your favor.

Forex trading is coll minded business. If you are newbie then don't send friend request just Learn basics of forex Trading. Yes it is true that Forex is very cool minded business. Forex market is high-yield and risky mean of taking profit by operations with the currency rates.

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1. Focus on the Process, Not the Results

Nov 21,  · forex is the really cool minded business because forex is a risky trading business and if you do here emotionally trade so then you may do here big loss so we should to carefully trade in forex business and not to be greedy in here in the trading time. Feb 15,  · yes it is right forex is a very cool mind business and if we do not work with cool mind then there is a big chance of loss we should analyse market with interest so that we can trade in good way to earn profit. Is Forex a Suitable Work from Home Job for Everybody? It is not like that with the other businesses, but as I told you above, trading is a different business. You have to have peace of mind to make money through trading, otherwise you lose. Emotions are good but not in business, forex or stock trading. If you are an emotional person.