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As you can see, the new picture is bearish, it will gain if the underlying goes down and the preceding loss area turned into gain area. In order to offer only the best, you will be able to access the web trading area where you can interact with our systems. Time frame min exiperes time min. Dividing the maximum risk amount by the risk involved for shares determines the number of trading units or 'size' of the position. Alex Tuesday, 03 April If an error has been made, it must be corrected, but if it is just an omission, it will suffice to verify that the market conditions are similar to the ones of the notification. As a trading philosophy, a dynamic trading strategy is hard to beat, wouldn't you agree?

Dynamic Trading Strategy, for lack of a better name, is a trading philosophy which utilizes Put and Call options in combination with the underlying stock or futures contract to achieve limited risk, unlimited profit, and maximum flexibility in any trading situation while avoiding the trader's 'death trap' of being constantly 'whipsawed' out of one's position.

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This is an interesting idea to trade, to develop. Alex Monday, 22 August Egill Tuesday, 11 February Is it not possible to trade on other currencies than those that are mentioned above? Level Reversal Trading system. Pivot Point levels Reversal. The Attack of the Viper: Dynamic Channel Support and Resistance: Bollinger Bands and Momentum. The attack of the Viper 20 Binary Options Strategy: The trader builds Strategies with Payoffs having Long , Short or Neutral profit directions and definite features such as the maximum gain that can be obtained or the maximum loss that one could incur..

At this point subscribers will receive an e-mail with all the information relating to the transformation of the strategy. By applying our suggestions, the strategy will change as highlighted in the following picture with the red line. As you can see, the new picture is bearish, it will gain if the underlying goes down and the preceding loss area turned into gain area. The maximum loss of the new picture is and maximum gain Since we are dealing with dynamic strategies, in the event of modification, the preceding figure will be changed together with the risk parameters, and the risk could increase.

You can subscribe to the service by choosing different options that can be found in the shop page. In this case, you will be able to access the web service for 30 days, to see all the present strategies a minimum of 15 , and to choose, among these, up to a maximum of 5.

The choice can be made in different days, and therefore, even on the 29th day, you will be able to complete your 5 strategies, perhaps by choosing a strategy which ends the following month. In the example above, even choosing the last strategy on the 29th day, the subscription will still end the following day and you will not receive other correction signals.

Once logged in, the list of the current strategies appears. The following chart of yield, net of capital gain and commissions standard profile , updated daily is given by the sum of all the strategies that have been generated and published since the birth of this service. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Margins are the amount of money withheld to guarantee the counterparty from Margins Cash and Compensation. In the case of Dynamic strategies, any corrections may modify the risk parameters, and therefore of margin.

The corrections are designed to not alter significant measure of the margin but prices and market conditions may not allow this goal.

The whole row corresponding to the chosen strategy will become green. No, they will remain in the list but it will not be possible to access the details. Whereas the general values will be updated e. The first third when the profit covers the 'risk amount' of the entire position. Accomplishing this leaves the remaining position 'risk free'. From this point forward, trailing stop orders, actual or mental, can be used.

The second third at a predetermined target of the trader's choosing. This is where the trader can make use of 'conditional' orders, such as OCO's order-cancels-order. The final third is where the trader 'tries for the fences', allowing the market to take out the position with a trailing 'stop' order or, if the 'tape' is indicating evidence that a 'top' is being put in, simply exit the position.

Alternatively, at the discretion of the trader, the position could 'morph' into a 'fence' by selling Call options. Keep in mind that all that is needed to turn the position into a 'risk free' situation is to take in enough Call premium to cover the time value of the Put options owned. On another tack, if volatility is low, one might initially buy Call options as a substitute for a long stock position. Again, maximum risk is limited while profit potential is unlimited.

On any decent rally, the stock could be 'shorted' with out risk. If the stock declines, the 'short' stock position would be bought in or 'covered'. The trader then waits for the next rally and 'shorts' the stock again. The first time the profits from the 'shorting' operations exceeds the cost of the Call options owned the position, from that time forward, becomes 'risk free'.

If the stock continues to rise after being 'shorted', the trader simply 'exercises' or 'calls' the stock to close out the position. The profit was locked in the moment the underlying stock was 'shorted'. The combination of long Calls and short stock is known as a 'synthetic' Put. All of the above, in a dynamic trading strategy approach, can be applied just as easily in reverse to declining market scenarios by shorting stock and buying Call options synthetic Put or simply using a Put option as a substitute for being short stock.

The synthetic Call can morph into a 'bearish fence' by adding short Put options to the position. The moment long stock is added to a profitable long Put position, the position becomes 'risk free'. The stock can be bought on a significant decline with impunity. Profits can be taken on rallys or exercised on further declines. The trader wins, either way. Entering your story is easy to do. Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here.

"Dynamic" Options Strategies

But this dynamic collar trade can boost potential profits if you trade it actively and pick stocks with solid fundamentals. The position eliminates your fear of volatility and can change the way you trade your options. Over time, the dynamic collar can exploit market downturns and maximize profits as stocks rally. The Dynamic S&P Options Strategy uses the same strategy as my Stock Index Option Writing Strategy; however, it sells options with a far shorter time frame, typically those that expire within one week (5 . Dynamic Options Strategies "Dynamic" Options Strategies In order to offer only the best, you will be able to access the web trading area where you can interact with our systems.